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We're the world's largest streaming platform for racket sports

MATCHi TV takes racket sports to the next level - attracting players to your venue. You, as a venue owner, can monetize and gain revenue using MATCHi TV.

Streaming made easy

It's super easy!

It's super easy to start a stream. Your customers simply scan the QR-code by the court entrance to start the stream. They can add score to the stream, tag their friends and create highlights.

Stream scoreboard

Your customers can add a scoreboard to the stream and manage it easily directly from their smartphone.

We take care of everything

When you decide to go with MATCHi TV, we'll do all the work for you to make sure your customers get the best streaming experience on the market. Contact us today and you'll be running MATCHi TV at your club in no time!

Schedule streams and events with MATCHi TV Studio

Schedule streams

Schedule streams for events, competitions, local division games and much more ahead of time.

Schedule events

Schedule and promote your events at your club.

Stream competitions with commentators

Hosting a large tournament or having an invitational where you want to add commentators to the stream? No problem! It's easy to set up in MATCHi TV Studio.

Showcase & monetize your club with MATCHi TV Arena

Showcase your club

Showcase the latest streams, highlights, tournaments on your local signage- or TV-screens at your club. When customers are at your club they have the opportunity to see the latest and most popular streams and highlights from themselves, friends and family.


You're free to sell ad-space for your local sponsors on MATCHi TV Arena where they have the opportunity to shine together with your local club streams, competitions and highlights.

And so much more

Stand out from the competition

By offering MATCHi TV in your arena you will stand out from the competition. Padel players love to stream, share it with friends and analyze their game.

Engage your players

By offering a free streaming community to your players you will raise their engagement adding one more level to the game of padel. This will naturally result in more players that play more padel.

Build your brand

As a brand offering free streaming to the players in your arena you will not only gain brand goodwill but also organic brand exposure in social media when players share their games and highlights with friends and opponents.

Partnership exposure

MATCHi TV offers multiple solutions for you to expose your arena partners both in the arena and in the digital space. This makes your partnership offers even more attractive.

Broadcast divisions and events

By using MATCHi TV Studio you can broadcast and manage all type of competitions, games and even add commentary to the streams. This is a great way of building your brand, partnership exposure and raising player engagement to your arena.

Help your players to advance

By offering free streaming in your arena you will be a key part of helping players take their game to the next level. This is why a majority of players will choose to book padel in arenas with free streaming over none or paid streaming capabilities.
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