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We're the world's largest streaming platform for racket sports

MATCHi TV takes racket sports to the next level - attracting players to your venue. You, as a venue owner, can monetize and gain revenue using MATCHi TV.

The impressions

Serving over 100 000 advertisment impressions every month

In stream video

Make a long lasting impression on the target audience by utilizing in stream video advertisment. With a VTR of almost 95% in stream video impressons on MATCHi TV are guaranteed to make an impact.

Always growing

Reach more than 65k active padel players every week in our steadily growing player base. Every month we grow with about 5000 active players intereseted in taking their padel game to the next level.

The audience

Probably the most engaged target audience of today


Our target audience is always interested in the next big thing. Main interest areas include travel, banking & finance, beauty & wellness, real estate, apparel & accessories, sports and of course everything that is racket sports.


While keeping the privacy intact of our audience we offer highly accurate localized marketing on a city, county or country level.

Danijel Dragisic, Key Account Manager

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