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Here you can find some frequently asked questions. You are almost never alone in your question and hopefully you can find the answer to your question here.
There can be a number or reasons why your stream is shorter than what you scheduled.
The most likely reason, and the most common, is a short network error in the venue.
This makes the camera server think that the stream is over and therefore shuts off the stream.
Most often this issue relates to unstable or slow internet connection in the venue.
The issue can also be located in the user's network. You can always try adjusting the quality if you're watching a recorded stream to make a stuttered stream more smooth.
Please get in touch with us if you experience this more than once.
On phone: First, click on the menu in the top right, click on your name, and then scroll the menu sideways until you find 'Edit streams'.
On desktop: Click on your initials in the circle at the top right of your screen, then 'Edit streams'.
When you've downloaded the MATCHi TV app on your Apple watch and it's connected with the stream via the pin code, do as follows:
Tap the star icon in the bottom left corner to create the highlight.
Tap the top of the screen to create a title.
Create a title by speaking into the Apple watch.
Lastly, tap the desired time under the title to adjust the length of the highlight.
No. You don't need to have a premium account to make highlights. Note that you can only make highlights on your own streams, but it's for everyone to watch.
However, you need premium to download your highlight.
Get premium here!
You can easily stop the stream when you're done by scanning the QR-code again.
If you then scroll to the bottom you'll find the option to end the stream.

You're always welcome to contact us.

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